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Select mentions of the CLS in the news, listed chronologically

Maitland, T.E.L. (2018). “Can I have a pill?” Teaching teens the dangers of sharing ADHD medication. ADDitude.

Mills, D. (2017). Are energy drinks the new gateway drug? Healthline.

Dwyer, K. (2016). The real reason study drugs are a bad idea. Teen Vogue.

Norton, A. (2015). Smoke weed in college and your grades may go to pot. US News and World Report

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Brennan, C. (2015). Popping pills: Examining the use of 'study drugs' during finals. USA Today.

Caputi, T. (2015). Catherine Hiller is not your average marijuana legalizer -- She's more dangerous. Huffington Post.

Graves, G. (2015). Is everybody on something? Glamour.

Shih, K. (2014). Just say no: New study shows parental provision of alcohol increases teen risk of alcohol abuse. Terp Magazine.

Staff Writer (2013). Use of false ID by youth to buy alcohol is slippery slope toward alcohol use disorders. ScienceDaily.

Schick, D. (2013). Study: Marijuana use increases risk of academic problems. USA Today.

Marcus, M.B. (2013). Even a little pot use ups college dropout risk: Second study found similar connection with other drugs. HealthDay.

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CESAR. (2008). Nearly one in ten first-year college students at one university have a cannabis use disorder; At-risk users report "potentially serious cannabis-related problems". CESAR FAX, 17(3).

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McNamara, D. (2007). Students say that they use stimulants only for studying. Internal Medicine News.

Twitchell, J. (2007). Cheers? Alcohol added to some energy drinks. Deseret News.

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