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Why the CLS is important to the University

The fact that the NIH has awarded a grant of this size to the University is an achievement that reflects well not only on the investigators' commitment and expertise, but also on the resources and environment of the University community. We anticipate that the CLS will be a landmark interdisciplinary study, the results of which will have national and international prominence as one of the first large-scale studies of college health-related behaviors in the 21st century. Our success in conducting this high-profile NIH-funded study can facilitate the ability of other members of the University to receive other NIH funding in related academic areas. Moreover, the results of the study will help university administrators understand how health-related behaviors influence students' experiences at the University. The knowledge gained from CLS will aid in understanding how student experiences might be enriched, and may ultimately result in increased student productivity, retention, and graduation rates. Lastly, from a training perspective, this study provides rich opportunities to involve both undergraduate and graduate students in a worthwhile research endeavor.

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This project was supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse
(R01DA14845, Amelia M. Arria, PI).